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The official part of the thesis is the course and the expert responsible for the student’s professional studies. The thesis is a 15 credit point credit, which is about 400 workloads.

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The aim of the thesis is to develop and document the student’s expertise so that the thesis acts as a bridge between studying and working life and facilitates the transition to working life. It is hoped that the theses of our polytechnic are work-oriented and work-life-developing. Participation in workplace development projects increases the student’s project work skills.

You will learn from the thesis

  • to identify, define and limit problems in working life
  • apply the theoretical knowledge creatively to real workplace problems
  • to acquire and manage the knowledge needed in workplace problems
  • work independently and responsibly
  • work together and manage projects
  • critically evaluate and develop your own activities
  • to report their own work orally and in writing.

These goals can be achieved with many types of theses, for example

  • development or other plan
  • product
  • method
  • event
  • artistic work
  • process development
  • thesis / field study with development proposals

However, the essence of all work is the pursuit of professional growth and the development of expertise. The choice of form of work is influenced by the subject and purpose of the work. For example, a thesis can be used to draw up a plan for developing a working life function, to design and implement a computer program, a video program, a piece of equipment, a portfolio or an artistic output, to do an applied research thesis, or to become familiar with some theory that is interesting from a practical point of view. In addition, the organization of various events, theme days and festivals, as well as the production of study and guidance material may be a form of execution of the thesis.

If the thesis requires a lot of knowledge and skills related to the content and technical implementation of the thesis, it is advisable to consider the completion of the thesis in a multidisciplinary way so that the authors are from different training programs or fields.

Getting to know the online final thesis reports gives you an idea of what kind of theses have been done at the University of Applied Sciences to date. Regardless of the subject of the thesis and the way in which the thesis is to be carried out, a written report must be prepared describing the starting points, purpose and progress of the thesis, critically motivating the selection and evaluating the outcome. The excerpt of the thesis of the polytechnic is more practical than the strict scientific work, but it requires that the solutions be always analytically justified.

The thesis is a 15 credit point credit for a polytechnic degree.

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